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Mark A. Snyder was born in Upper Darby, PA and spent much of his formative years in South Florida. After earning a degree in Advertising Design, he has spent over 40 years as a graphic designer. He currently resides with his wife and two dogs in Charleston, South Carolina.

Horror and Sci-Fi are his favorite genres—to both read and write. He sometimes likes to push the envelope when it comes to topics that have an adult theme or even a situation that is considered taboo—examples would be stories such as Currents and Adrift. Buckle up should you endulge.

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Titles by the Author

Short Stories
and Assorted Nightmares

A collection of nine deliciously wicked tales and curiosities piques the imagination, conjures stirrings in the darkest corners of the mind and will appeal to fans of horror and science fiction alike.

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Sojourn Macabre
Avalailable Now!

Nine dark and disturbing stories ranging from a small group, some of whom will do anything to survive, to an otherworldly encounter that leaves a young man the sole occupant of an airliner.

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